24 July 2013
Festival’s competitions – what’s worth to watch?

In this year's festival competitions, more than 130 titles are presented. During the New Horizons International Competition you can see today at 10:15 in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 9 Jungle Love by Sherad Anthony Sanchez, who is balancing between arthouse cinema and pornography. In New Horizons Cinema Room No. 8. you can watch Silent Ones by Ricky Rijneke - an icon of Hungarian cinema –a film in which impressive images of nature collide with contained inside the a ship. After screenings meeting with the directors will take place. Also today at 13:15 in New Horizons Cinema Room No.8., you are able to watch Never die by a director of Parque Via (New Horizons 2011) Enrique Rivero. He is looking for an answer to the question: can one be prepared for the death of a loved person and deny it if he wishes? After the projection Rivero will be our guest.

Films on Art Competition presents full-lenght and creative documentaries from all around the world. Yesterday at 10:00 in New Horizons Cinema Room No.4. you will watch a movie about a group of artists being in their travel to Gabon - Sick Birds Die Easy by Nicholas Fackler. And at 13:15 in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 4. you will have a possibility to watch Hélio Oiticica Cesara  by Oiticicia Filho, a movie about the most important Brazilian artist and  a pioneer in performance art.

The Polish Short Film Competition 71 short documentaries, animations and fables compete. Today in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 5. at 13:00 you will have a chance to watch the next set of plots including Fire by Paweł Maj and Andaç Karabeyoglu – a universal story of a painful parting, and Coyote by Jędrzej Bączyk – a film about Adas, a shy young man with a romantic soul who start punk rock band to impress a girl. And tomorrow (25th July at 13:00) we will present a set of documents, which include Musicians II by Agata Biskup and Przemek Czepurko, a film referring to the Musicians  by Kazimierz Karabasz.

Today, in New Horizons Cinema at 16:00 you would have the last chance to discover European animations from the European Short Films Competition, for example The discovery by Paul Bush, who rate multiplied examples in videoclip’s tempo, which show that the human body is always beautiful.

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