26 July 2013
Special event "Schrei 27" Diamand Galas and David Pepe

Tomorrow (27th of July) at 10:00 PM at Festival Club we'll host a show by Diamand Galas - talented vocalist, opera singer, pianist, compositor, performer and multimedia artist. She's active artist music scene since late 70's. Quickly she got respect for what she was doing with jazz and blues despite of breaking all established forms. She came from a musical family and start her career in music as a pianist on the improvised stage of San Diego and Los Angeles. Her debut took place at the prestigious theatre festival in Avignon, where she had main part Vinko Globokara's opera Un jour
comme un autre. The biggest breakthrough in her career was sound performance Wild Women with Steak Knives (1980) and her debut album The litanies of Satan. Later came time for other albums such as: Plague Mass, Defixiones: Orders from the Dead, Vena Cava, Schrei X czy The Refugee.

Today we would like to invite you for a special show of her surreal, gothic movie Schrei 27  (new horizons cinema 9) at 8:00 PM. Tickets on sale.

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