15 July 2013
Guests od 13th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF

One of the guests of 13. T­-Mobile New Horizions International Film Festival will be this year's prize - winner from Cannes, director of Adele: Chapters 1&2, Abdellatif Kechiche. One of the most cherished directors of modern cinema, author of highly acclaimed films such as La Faute a Voltaire and La Graine et le mulet (NH Cinema 8.). Kechiche will be present at the opening gala, and later (19 July, Friday) will be Paweł Felis' guest of Gazeta Café at the summer stage of The Puppet Theatre at 12.30 (attention! There's been a change in the Festival Programme).

One of the success of the section of French neo - baroque would be legendary Jean - Jacquesa Beineix's film, Betty - a story about crazy, unpredictable love, starring beautiful, seductive Béatrice Dalle. The sex icon of French cinema of the 80's, the guest of the festival, will participate in Q&A with the audience after the screening of her most famous film (19th July, 9.45, NH Cinema 1).

Another guest of our festival is Austrian director, Gustav Deutsch, the author of Shirley - Visions of Reality, in which he brings to life 13 pictures of legendary American artist, Edward Hooper. Deutsch is outstanding specialist of found footage, acclaimed video artist, architect, musician, photographer, author of famous Film ist a Girl & a Gun (9. NH).

An important event of the festival will be Polish premiere of The Story of Film: An Odyssey, directed by Mark Cousins, film critique from Northern Ireland. Monumental work was based on his book from 2004 and remains subjective, multidimensional vision of the history of cinematography. The special screenings will also include A Story of Children and Film of the same director, a film which analyses children's characters in the cinematography. Mark Cousins will be the festival guest, he will have many Q&A's with the audience, and his newest film, What Is This Film Called Love?, will be shown in the section Films on Art International Competition.

In the Name of, the newest film from Małgośka Szumowska, shown in the main competition at the Berlinale Festival, where it got prestigious Teddy Award, will have its Polish premiere in Wroclaw. The director and outstanding cast Andrzej Chyra, Mateusz Kościukiewicz, and Łukasz Simlat will be the guests of the festival. There are many outstanding Polish artists coming to Wroclaw: Karolina Breguła (Fire Followers), performance artist, writer and director Malga Kubiak (Federico García Lorca Czarna Rozpacz), acclaimed documentalists Marcel Łoziński (Father and Son on a Journey), Paweł Łoziński (Father and Son), Piotr Stasik (A Diary of a Journey) i Bartek Konopka (The Art. of Disappearing), as well as Leszek Wosiewicz (Polish premiere of Once Upon A Time in Warsaw).

Traditionally, there are many artists coming to Wroclaw, whose films will compete in International New Horizons Competition. We will host Tomasz Wasilewski (the author of prized at the festival in Karlove Vary Floating Skyscrapers, the guests will be also the cast, Mateusz Banasiuk, Iza Kuna and Katarzyna Herman), Leonardo Brzezicki (Night), Manuela Morgaine (Lightning), Aleksey Fedorchenko (Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari), Enrique Rivero (Never Die), Ricky Rijneke (Silent Ones), Shireen Seno (Big Boy), Igor Drljača(Krivina).

Festival will also host the authors of the films submitted to the International Competition 'Films about Art.' The icon of feministic electro- Peaches with her debut film Peaches Does Herself. The list of artists will also include Elena Tikhonova and Dominik Spritzendorfer (Elektro Moskva), Oskar Alegria (The Search for Emak Bakia), Zachary Heinzerling (Cutie and Boxer), Wiktoria Szymańska ( The Man Who Made Angels Fly), Cheryl Dunn (Everybody Street), César Oiticica Filho (Hélio Oiticica), Mika Mattila (Chimeras).

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