Boy Meets Girl dir. Léos Carax Boy Meets Girl dir. Léos Carax
13th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF program

13th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF will be held from 18 till 28 July 2013.

new horizons international film festival is the biggest film festival in Poland and it is regarded as one of the most important film events in Central Europe. The festival presents uncompromising, innovative and original cinema from all over the world that explores new horizons in film language, expression and storytelling.

The festival has also a strong focus on music and contemporary art and organizes live music concerts every evening and art installations and performances throughout the city of Wroclaw.

13. tnh competitions:

new horizons international competition – consists of 14 bold and original polish premieres which always provoke extreme emotions, evoke delight or protests. grand prix - eur 20,000. the winners of grand prix, audience award and fipresci prize are guaranteed distribution in poland.

films on art international competition - feature-length documentaries on the borderline of cinema and visual arts are judged by an international jury. award - eur 10,000 & guaranteed distribution in poland.

polish short films competition - new polish shorts up to 30 minutes long.

european shorts competition - european films up to 30 minutes long. Prizes - EUR 1,000 for each category: fiction films, documentaries and animation.


other sections

panorama - films awarded at international film festivals, made by both renowned directors and newly discovered talents. 

documentaries, essays - documentary films, often told in the form of a film essay. 

Cinema Du Look – French Neobaroque

The programme organized with the participation of the French Embassy in Poland will consist of films made by the three most important representatives of the genre, namely by Jean Jacques Beneix, Leos Carax and Luc Besson. The selection will focus on their films from the 80. and early 90., when the development of Cinema du look in France was at its peak. As for Leos Carax, whose latest film “Holy Motors” has been successfully screened in Cannes this year and the New Horizons Association has become the Polish distributor of the film, we have decided to organize the full retrospective of his works.

New Russian Cinema

The 15-films program with most innovative films from Russia will show new currents, far from post-Tarkovsky poetics or Balabanov-like naturalism. It will contains intriguing debuts, art scene experiments, unconvenvential documentaries, as well as mavericks from directors like Sergei Loban, Igor Voloshin and others.

Swiss Musical Documentaries

The mountain country did not only preserve authentic music tradition with yodeling singers and accordion players, but created also fantastic environment for contemporary musicians. All this is wonderfully captured in works by, ao. Stefan Schwietert and Peter Liechti, included in this 10-film program in collaboration with Swiss Films.

New Horizons of Film Language - CHARACTER

It is character's construction and performance that will be in focus in the 5th edition of the educational cycle. Films like Palindromes by Solondz or I am not There by Haynes show radical approach towards main character using many actors, as do many post-Bressonian films with machine-like acting.. 

Midnight Madness: CYBERPUNK

A selection of postmodern science-fiction cinema, that will consist of cult cyber classics created in the 80s and 90s and new films that that take the genre as a playful departure point into more experimental areas. Midnight Madness, a combination of obscure gems and retro hits is a  cycle that  attracts a great number of viewers.


Retrospective of Walerian Borowczyk

This programme offers a rare chance to re-assess the work of a unique Polish filmmaker. His animated short films and surreal, bizarre features shot in Poland and France, which deliberately erased the line between art house and eros, made him one of the great visionaries of modern cinema. The retrospective will consist of 12 carefully curated programs and certainly will attract a big audience.

Retrospective of Hans-Jürgen Syberberg (screening of the most important films)

A focus on the most important works of the infamous German director, presented in cooperation with the Goethe Institute Poland, among them his most controversial Hitler: A Film from Germany, notable for its 442 minute running time, as well as a selection of his cinematic operas and music films.


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