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Meetings and Debates


Meetings with artists at Gazeta Cafe, Lalek Theatre summer stage, hosted by: Paweł T. Felis and journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza"

19 July, 12.30 - Abdellatif Kechiche

20 July, 19.00 - Gustav Deutsch

24 July, 19.00 - Mark Cousins

26 July, 19.00 - Małgośka Szumowska (and actors Mateusz Kościukiewicz i Łukasz Simlat)


Debate on contemporary Russian cinema under the patronage of "Newsweek"

23 July, 19.00, Lalek Theatre summer stage

Meeting hosted by Michał Kacewicz (Newsweek correspondent in Moscow), participants will include: Jan Topolski (TNH IFF), critic Borys Nalepo, filmmakers Siergey Provorov and Galina Myznikova (Prowmyza group, creators of the films Kołysanka and Rozpacz) as well as Alexey Kovalczuk (Vladimir the Great).

Parallel Russian cinema


Meeting with Janusz Wróblewski, author of the book Directors

23 July, 18.00, following a screening of Goltzius and the Pelican Company, NHC 1

The greatest directors in cinema around the world talk with well-known critic Janusz Wróblewski: 30 interviews with outstanding cinema visionaries about their roots, creative inspirations, the messages contained in their films, behind the scenes of their productions and the magic of cinema.

The book is divided into seven parts, the directors grouped by Wróblewski according to their cinema vision – the provocateurs (Cronenberg, Greenaway, Haneke, Trier, Żuławski), slaves of imagination (Gilliam, Jarmusch, Kusturica, Lynch, Tarantino), artists bitten by Hollywood (Cimino, Konczałowski, Polański, Scorsese), travellers and wanderers (Herzog, Ivory, Carriere, Wenders), mockers (Allen, Alyman, Forman, Leigh), those with fire in their hearts (Kieślowski, Loach, Moretti, Zanussi) and those whose works tackle the subject of the Holocaust (Benigni, Falk, Holland, Lanzmann). Each encounter with a director is preceded by a brief presentation of the filmmaker’s profile and creativity.

Janusz Wróblewski is a film journalist. He has worked as a film critic for, among others, "Życie Warszawy", "Życie" and "Machina” as well as cooperated with film monthly "Kino." Wróblewski is the secretary of the Polish division of the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI and the author of both film scripts and the book Magia kina (Magic of Cinema/Cinema Magic?). He is the long-time spokesman for the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Currently, Wróblewski is a member of the staff at "Polityka."

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