Festival publication: “Corpus Delicti”

Publisher: New Horizons Association

In partnership with: Korporacja Ha!art

The Corpus Delicti duet of Mikurda and Woynarowski (with collaboration from: Jakub Majmurek) is a catalogue of surreal objects, a presentation of material evidence of artistic transgression by Walerian Borowczyk. This is a visual essay, drawing on the output of psychoanalysis and theoretical writings by André Breton, as well as a book-object referring to the elaborate 19th-century prayer books and 18th-century illustrated libertine novels.

In his article Crisis of the Object (1936), Breton argued the need to create surreal objects that could become the antidote for thoughtless, automatic perception of everyday objects. He claimed that the “mutation of function” of objects, their use to create puzzles of perception and interpretation, enables them to regain the gravitas they deserve.The “object revolution” Breton postulated is accomplished is Borowczyk’s films – in films by the creators of Goto – Island of Love,objects cast off their ordinary functions, emancipate the plot and take control of the onscreen world. The book was published in Polish, French and English.


Corpus Delicti – performative lecture by the authors of the book (23.07, after the screening at 10:15)

Guided tours of the objects collected in Corpus Delicti and a video-essay presentation developed in the course of work on the book.

Kuba Mikurda – studied psychology, philosophy and film production. He is the editor of “Linia Filmowa” at Korporacja Ha!art Publishers, President of the Film Association 1,2 and co-founder of the “Restart” think-tank. He has edited books for the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF devoted to the creativity of Terry Gilliam, the Quay brothers (with Adriana Prodeus), Tsai Ming-Liang (with Paulina Kwiatkowska) and surrealism in Polish cinema (with Kamila Wielebska). In cooperation with Michał Oleszczyk, he conducted a stream of consciousness interview with Guy Maddin as part of Cinema derailed.

Mikurda has lectured on visual culture, popular culture and psychoanalysis at Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2010-2012). He is currently a lecturer at the Łódź film school. Mikurda has cooperated with, among others, Canal+, Krytyka Polityczna and Biuro Literacki. He has also translated The Real Gaze: Film Theory After Lacan by Todd McGowan and fragments of Lacrimae rerum. Kieślowski, Hitchcock, Tarkowski, Lynch as well as a book of essays by Slavoj Žižek. 

Jakub Woynarowski – graduated from the Graphics Department (2007) as well as the Interdepartmental Intermedia Workshop of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków; he is currently a lecturer in the Narrative Drawing Workshop of his alma mater. Woynarowski is a designer and illustrator, graphic artist, comic book artist as well as the creator of artbooks, visual atlases, films and installations. He has initiated site-specific actions in public spaces (including “Civitas Munita” as part of the 5th Artboom Festival) and is an independent curator (Quadratum NigrumBody in the LibraryOrbis Pictus,White cubes / Black holes). Woynarowski is the co-founder of gonzo curator projects (including Wawel Castle CCA - with Aneta Rostkowska).

He is the author of the books Manggha and The story of gardens; visual editor of the volumes Wunderkamera. Kino Terry'ego Gilliama and Corpus Delicti; co-author of the anthology Wielki Atlas Ciot Polskich (2012). Woynarowski has received numerous awards for comic books and design (Grand Prix MFK – 2007; Grand Prix OKKAS – 2011).

He has participated in more than a dozen exhibitions and artistic actions, including MOCAK, Bunkier Sztuki, Galeria Starmach and Galeria Zderzak in Kraków, BWA in Katowice, CSW Kronika in Bytom and BWA Design we Wrocław. His works have been published in "Lampy," "Ha!art," "Autoportret,“ "Exklusiva," "Notes na 6 tygodni,“ "Punkt,“ "Arteon" and "MOCAK Forum" as well as international magazines, “Kuš” and “KomiksFEST! Revue.” Woynarowski has participated in experimental film projects, including those by Wilhelm Sasnal (Opad) and Zenon Fajfer (Primum Mobile). He has written essays published in "MOCAK Forum," "Ha!art" and "Tygodnik Powszechny".

He has cooperated with, among others, TVP Kultura, NCK, Museum of Art in Łódź, The National Museum in Kraków, the Polish Radio Choir, the Conrad Festival, MFKK Ligatura, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology and Korporacja Ha!art. Woynarowski has created projects on the boundaries of theory and artistic practice. He tackles issues connected with institutional criticism, Avant-guard archaeology and post-humanist philosophy. He is a member of the Quadratum Nigrum collective (with Mateusz Okoński and Jakub Skoczek). Woynarowski lives and works in Kraków. www.wernalina.blogspot.com

The book made in collaboration with the National Audiovisual Institute.


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