22 July 2013
New Russian Cinema review still lasts

In the section New Russian Cinema we present films, which are produced outside the state system and settling sharply in the present. These are movies coming from the border of independent music, art collectives, video art and performance. Today at 9:45 AM at the New Horizons Cinema room No. 2. you can watch Girls by Valeriy Gay Germanika, who comes with the camera into the world of youth, watching their realities with sensitivity to every nuance. Pavel Kostomarov and Alexandr Rastorguev created I don’t love you – a film in which a young, thirsty for sensitivity girl coming from the poor suburbs, turns the camera and directs it to herself (today’s projection at 12:45 in New Horizons Cinema Room. No. 2). In  Delhi’s Dance by Ivan Vyrypayev, several people meets in hospital’s waiting room. They are connected not only by diseases of people close to them, but also Delhi dance, which express their suffering. A dance is created by a young dancer, Catherine (Karolina Gruszka). You can watch a film today at 18:45 in New Horizons Cinema Room No.2. and on 27th July at 09:45. Tomorrow (July 23, Tuesday) at 19:00, on the summer scene of Puppet Theatre, a debate about contemporary Russian cinema will take place under the auspices of Newsweek. Among participants there will be directors of Lullaby: Siergey Provorov and Myznikova Galina, as well as Alexey Kowalchuk – a director of Vladimir the Great.

Parallelly, the project Realnost' is implemented. This is a documentary network on which ordinary people record their lives and open in front of the camera in unexpected ways. The founders and coordinators of the project are recognized documentarians: Alexander Rastorgujew, Paul Kostomarov and Alexei Piwowarow. Every day on www.nowehoryzonty.pl/realnost you can watch videos, up to date with the Polish translation of the characters. On 26th July at 15:45 in New Horizons Cinema Room No.2. , we will present the achievements of this networking project and a panel discussion with the artists and the Polish documentarians will take place.

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