23 July 2013
Walerian Borowczyk – a retrospective, meetings, a book

A retrospective of Walerian Borowczyk’s work is accompanied by a book titled Corpus Delicti by Kuba Mikurda and Jakub Wojnarowski. This is a catalogue of surreal objects and a presentation of material evidence of Borowczyk's artistic transgression. Corpus delicti is a visual essay, which uses from the achievements of psychoanalysis and theoretical writings of André Breton, as well as from the referrings to the XIX-th century prayer’s books and XVIII-th century libertine novels. Today, you can participate in a performative lecture - the guided tour through a collection of objects collected in the Corpus Delicti and a presentation of video-essay arisen during of work on the book. We invite you at this event after the screening of  Borowczyk’s movies in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 8, which will be screened today at 10:15. Also today at 15:45 New Horizons Cinema you are invited to  Borowczyk in the Frame, the conversation between Daniel Bird, Borowczyk's assistant Michal Levy and cameraman - Noël Very.

And tomorrow (24th July) at 16:15 in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 8. take a look on the original version of Borowczyk's Immoral Tales made up of five instead of four short films. After the screening you will have an opportunity to meet with Alexander Beneke and Carsten Baiersdorfer who made the digital reconstruction of the film. In addition, the Polish Poster Gallery in Wroclaw (Street St. Nicholas 54-55) held an exhibition of posters for Walerian Borowczyk movies.

A retrospective of Walerian Borowczyk’s work and  Corpus Delicti book was developed in cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute. In the media library NINATEKA (www.ninateka.pl) you can find films, documentaries, classic works of Polish animation studies, archival radio broadcasts, which are combined with the best (and often absent on posters) theater and opera performances, concerts (both classical and contemporary music), radio plays or journalistic programs. NINATEKA is a multi-threaded, multi-disciplinary experience: user of the Internet thanks to intuitive navigation and according to his needs is free to move around the website, as walking through the big, Internet culture house, switching between categories such as theater, philharmonic, theater studio, a concert hall, an art gallery and a music club.

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