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Before Passing
Przed minięciem
dir. Bianca Lucas / Poland 2013 / 15’
subtitles: English


Natalia Powada, Sylwana Skarżyńska-Rutledge, Bolesław Ciesielski, Zbigniew Swat

Film description

Sparks fly from anticipation in the winter air of a town surrounded by forest. Only a day remains until the ‘passing of the moon’, the cosmic event that seems to cause anxiety only in 10-year-old Maria. Meanwhile, the girl’s family focuses on trite reality while she attempts to comprehend the upcoming incident. Will she receive a calling from the winter forest? Will she find a companion in the local weirdo? Can the little heroine save a sliver of what will soon be gone forever?

Prepared by: Agata Bratek

Information about director

Bianca Lucas

She was born in 1989 in Switzerland and lived and worked in several European countries, including in Norway, Germany, the UK and Poland. She holds degrees in Media and Communication Theory, specializing in Film Production and Screenwriting at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Starting in 2013, she has taught at the new film school in Sarajevo, founded by director Béla Tarr.


2013 Przed minięciem / Before Passing (short)

Prepared by: Agata Bratek

Cast & Crew

director: Bianca Lucas
screenplay: Bianca Lucas
cinematography: Wojciech Rytel
editing: Wojciech Janas
sound: Sinan Berksöz
cast: Natalia Powada, Sylwana Skarżyńska-Rutledge, Bolesław Ciesielski, Zbigniew Swat
producer: Bianca Lucas
production: Bianca Lucas
sales: Bianca Lucas
language: Polish
colouration: b&w
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