22 July 2013
Today we recommend Slavoj Žižek in "Pervert's Guide to Ideology"

Documents / essays are author’s visions of reality - traditional and unconventional documents. The program includes The Pervert's Guide to Ideology by Sophie Fiennes with the Slovenian cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek, who finds himself in strange places, different eras and colorful costumes. He is looking for dictatorship within democracy, social spontaneous reactions and painful acts of will. You can watch a film today at 19:15, and on 25th July at 22:15 at New Horizons Cinema Room No. 7. Tomorrow at 10:00 in the New Horizons Cinema Room No. 5. You are welcome to see A new life by Adam Ol'ha. This is the attempted formation of documentary reality through a combination of new materials with black-and-white films from the home archive.

Today in the Special Screenings you are able to watch Orléans by Virgil Vernier. Film is looking for Joanna d’Arc in places, where reality is infected with the fiction, and the document is intertwined with myth. Vernier examines the architecture of the city: falls into a group of people and follow some of them he looks into nightclubs. Screening today at 19:00 at Knew Horizons Cinema Room No. 6. In the evening you can discover The Capsule directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, an ambiguous work on the borderline of horror and fairy tales. The work is using the iconography of the Gothic novel and the experience of film surrealism. The partner of a screening is Art & Fashion Festival. Show at 19:00 in New Horizons Cinema Room No. 6.

Today you are welcome to meeting with Janusz Wróblewski - a journalist and author of a book titled Film Directors. The publication contains 30 interviews with the great visionaries of cinema. It’s about their roots, inspirations, the messages contained in their films, working behind the scenes and the magic of cinema. Wróblewski grouped directors according to their vision of cinema - so we have provocateurs, slaves of imagination, directors bitten by Hollywood, travelers and wanderers, detractors, those who have a flame in their hearts, and those who take their work about the Holocaust. Presentation of the book will take place after the screening of Goltzius and the Pelican Company by Peter Greenaway - at 18:00 in New Horizons Cinema room. No. 1.

And at 22:00 in Wroclaw's Market Square you can watch Blanche by Waldemar Borowczyk, a film made in France in 1971, where Borowczyk moved Mazepa by Juliusz Słowacki from Poland in XVIII century to France in XIII century. The main character, played movingly by the director's wife, Ligia, is a beautiful young woman married to an old, decrepit Baron, played by Michel Simon - the legendary Swiss actor. The British Film Institute scored Blanche as one of 360 most important films.

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