26 July 2013
Realnost’ i Zestawienia Live

Everyday of our lives is much more interesting that an average tv series plot. Virtual movie project "Realnost" was based on this certain belief. It's very unique characters represent various professions and social classes. The authors of this project are acknowledged documentary film-makers:   Aleksander Rastorgujew, Paweł Kostomarow and Aleksiej Piwowarow. Today at 3.45 p.m. we kindly invite you to the presentation of past and present network achievements, which will also include a discussion with the authors of "Realnost" and other polish documentary film-makers. The event will take place at New Horizons Cinema in auditorium no 2.

"Zestawienia Live" - K MAG Magazine and T-Mobile New Horizons discussion. Why do artists need cinema? Most absorbing documentaries about art. Films that are slowly becoming objects of art itself. Considerations about videos moving from art galleries to cinema. Those issues will be discussed during K MAG and T-Mobile New Horizons event, which will take place at 2.30 p.m. in Puro Hotel. Adriana Prodeus is going to host the event. We kindly welcome you as the participants of this discussion. It's an unique possibility to talk with our special guests: Małga Kubiak, Norman Leto and Karol Radziszewski. K MAG's account is going to be published in September's issue.

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